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ATVANS questionnaire to political parties

During the 2017 election we are once again asking parties and leaders to answer a short questionnaire about issues important to ATVANS and our members. The following letter was sent to the political parties on Tuesday May 4th and provided to you for your information. We will be sharing with our members the unedited replies upon receipt and posting on the news section of our website. Please feel free to ask the local candidates in your area these questions and help us continue to grow support and awareness for the changes we have been pushing for. This is just one additional way we can keep our issues at the forefront of the political spectrum.

Thank you

Barry Barnet
Executive Director ATVANS

Dear Provincial Party Leaders,

The All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia has been representing the organized responsible ATV community for 20 year. During that time we have worked closely with all political parties to bring forward constructive changes to improve our sport and organization. We therefore, once again seek your party’s position on the following questions. We intend to share this information with our members to help with their voting decisions.

  • 1.     Would your party support bringing forward legislative and regulatory changes to modernize the OHV act and better reflect current conditions and practises including practical changes that allow families to better participate in our sport within the first 2 years of your mandate?
  • 2.     Wilderness protected areas are having a greater impact on existing trail use by members and others. What would your party do to reduce or eliminate this impact including loss of existing riding opportunities for our members in Wilderness Protected Areas?
  • 3.     Government recently announced a two year pilot project to allow use of the shoulder of the road in certain and specific areas. Would your party continue this pilot program and what is your party’s position on a permanent program that enable regulated use of the shoulder of the road in certain areas where trail connectivity or access to services are required?
  • 4.     ATVANS is the largest motorized sport organization in Nova Scotia. With over 40 clubs and over 4000 members we continue to grow and develop every year. Our sector contributes over 80% of the funds managed by the OHVIF yet we only have a single voice at the table where decisions are made that impact out clubs and organization. Would your party support a greater role for ATVANS at the decision table based partly of contribution to the fund by sector?
  • 5.     ATVANS is the third largest ATV organization in Canada, only behind Quebec and New Brunswick. Both of these provinces have mandatory trail permits or membership on managed trails. This has enabled them to not only grow their sport but to also better manage activities. Would your party consider changes to the OHV act that would provide for mandatory trail permits on managed trails similar to the New Brunswick and Quebec model or models already used by another OHV sector in Nova Scotia, within the first two years of your mandate?
We realize an election campaign happens in a very short time frame and with that in consideration; we have released our questionnaire early in order to provide your response to our members as early as possible to help with their voting decisions. Your replies will be sent unedited directly to our members email list and posted on the news section of our website www.atvans.org. We thank you in advance for your support and we wish you well during the election. Your response should be sent to our executive director by e-mail at execdirector@atvans.org  as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,

Vince Sawler

President ATVANS

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