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Misc information/documents 

ATVANS Material

2015 Direct Spending Report  Rpt_OHV Spending Survey 2015_final.pdf

2015 Direct Spending ATV Summary OHV Spending Survey 2015_ATV SUMMARY.pdf

ATVANS Benefits of Belonging Brochure:   Web View   |   Print Ready

ATVANS Trail Etiquette Brochure:   Web View   |   Print Ready

ATVANS Handlebar Hanger:   Web View   |    Print Ready

ATVANS Clubs Map:   Web View   |   Print Ready


2021 Newsletters

 Winter 2021 Newsletter  Summer 2021 Newsletter (To come)  Fall 2021 Newsletter (To come)

2020 Newsletters

 Winter 2020 Newsletter  Summer 2020 Newsletter  Fall 2020 Newsletter

2019 Newsletters

 Winter 2019 Newsletter  Summer 2019 Newsletter  Fall 2019 Newsletter

ATVANS Fall 2018 Newsletter

External Material

Keep it Wild - Recreation (A Guide for Low Impact Recreation in Nova Scotia's Wilderness Areas)

Keep it Wild - Wilderness Standards (Leave No Trace Principles - Wilderness Area Standards)

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