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ATVANS Lottery 50/50 Draw

The All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the launch of our monthly online 50/50 lottery in support of our member clubs across Nova Scotia

ATVANS and our 42 member clubs are the largest power sport organization in Nova Scotia. We support organized and responsible ATV use. Our clubs build and maintain multi use trails, host events and support safety training as well as trail patrol programs. Funds raised through the 50/50 will go directly to the clubs to support club activates and projects around Nova Scotia.

Our goal is to create an interconnected multi use trail system throughout Nova Scotia and the funds raised through this 50/50 lottery will assist greatly in achieving our goal.

ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL RECEIVE 50% of the funds raised each month.

When purchasing your tickets please select the ATV club you wish to support with your purchase. All 42 clubs and our provincial organization are available for selection. Funds will be directed to the club you choose.

March 2024 - Winner

Congratulations, Matt Stewart of Beaver Brook!! Matt is the winner of our March Rafflebox 50/50 draw, taking home $3,027.50. The lucky ticket number was C-93438. Matt is a member of the South Colchester ATV Club.

February 2024 - Winner

Congratulations to Lawson Munroe of Wolfville, who won the February Rafflebox 50/50 draw. Lawson pockets a cool $1,922.50. His winning ticket number in support of the ATV Association of Nova Scotia was C-93345.

January 2024 - Winner

Congratulations to Darren LaSaga of Carrolls Corner for winning the Rafflebox January 50/50 draw. Darren took home $2,247.50. His lucky ticket number in support of the Puma ATV Club was D-94532.

December 2023 - Winner

Congratulations, Jeffrey Theriault!!!

Jeffrey is the lucky winner of our December Rafflebox 50/50 draw, which ended up being a prize of $10,097.50! Total sales were $20,195 - our largest prize of 2023. Jeffrey supported Safety Minded ATV Association with his ticket purchase, and the winning ticket number was 109651.

November 2023 - Winner

Congratulations to Steven Lunn, who won $1,920.00 in our November Rafflebox 50/50 draw! Steven's winning ticket was 91219, in support of Fundy ATV Club.

October 2023 - Winner

October's winner is Craig Creelman. He purchased his ticket in support of Colchester Five Islands ATV Club and won $2,102.50! Congratulations, Craig!!! The winning ticket number was 91148.

September 2023 - Winner

Congratulations to Dwight Hennigar, who happened to win on his 70th birthday! Dwight's ticket 94493 won him $2,165.00. Happy Birthday, Dwight! Congratulations on your winnings!

For the second month in a row, our Rafflebox 50/50 winner has supported Central Nova ATV Club!

August 2023 - Winner

David Whynott! David is the President of Central Nova ATV Club, who have consistently been the top fundraisers for a year and a half. Ticket 90611 was the lucky one, winning David $2177.50. Congrats!

July 2023 - Winner

Congrats to Cynthia Norris! Cynthia won $1762.50 with her ticket numbered 92148, in support of the Mid Valley ATV Club. Congratulations!

June 2023 - Winner

Congrats to Robert Ripley! Robert won $2637.50 with his purchase of ticket 91808, in support of Beaver Bank ATV Club. Congratulations!

This month some of our clubs wished to donate their June Rafflebox 50/50 proceeds to the Canadian Red Cross in support of those affected by the wildfires; proceeds from those clubs total $790.00. With ATVANS' donation of $1000.00, this results in $1790.00 being donated.

May 2023 - Winner

Congratulations, Marg Cameron! With the purchase of ticket 90178, Marg supported North Shore ATV Club and won $2,050.00!!!

April 2023 - Winner

April's winner is was Brian Miller. He purchased his ticket in support of Fundy ATV Club and won $3,425.00! Congratulations, Brian!!! The winning ticket number was 94359.

March 2023 - Winner

SECOND TIME WINNER!!! Congrats to Brian Connell who won $3,802.50 in our March 50/50 draw! Brian bough his winning ticket (number 91845) in support of the Annapolis County Multi-Use Trails Society. His first win was back in September 2022.

February 2023 - Winner

This month’s winner was Dorothy Robar who took home $3,587.50 in support of the Central Nova ATV Club. Dorothy’s winning ticket number was C-92835. Thank you to everyone who purchased tickets in support of their chosen club.

January 2023 - Winner

Congratulations to Brian Thurlow, who had the winning ticket for $4,292.50 in this month's ATVANS 50/50 draw. Brian bought his winning ticket (#93988) in support of the Shore Riders ATV Club.

December 2022 - Winner

Congratulations, Holly Barnes!!!

Holly is the winner of our December Rafflebox 50/50 draw, which ended up being a prize of $10,600!!! Total sales were $21,200 - our largest prize in nearly two years and fourth largest overall since we started. Holly supported Pictou County ATV Club with her ticket purchase, and the winning ticket number was 93868.

November 2022 - Winner

Daniel supported Central Nova ATV Club with his purchase and ticket C-92380 won him $1677.50! Congratulations, Daniel!

October 2022 - Winner

There was no 50/50 lottery held for the month of October 2022.

September 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Brian Connell, who won $2,095 in support of Mid-Valley ATV Club. The winning ticket number was 94830.

August 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Blair Caume, who won $1860.00 in our August draw and supported Marconi Trailblazers ATV Club with their ticket purchase! The winning ticket number was 93715.

July 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Deanne MacKinnon, who won $2482.50 in our July Rafflebox 50/50 draw! Deanne's winning ticket was 92591, in support of South Colchester ATV Club.

June 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Bettina Oickle as this month's winner of the ATVANS 50/50 draw. She takes home $4045, suporting Central Nova ATV Club. What a great way to start the summer. The winning ticket number was C-91274.

May 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Justin Longmire, who won $1682.50 in our May draw and supported Mid-Valley ATV Club with his ticket purchase! The winning ticket number was 91594.

April 2022 - Winner

Congratulations, Barry, on winning $3865.00!!! Barry's winning ticket was D-96664, purchased in support of Central Nova ATV Club.

March 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Chad Wilcox from Cape Breton supporting the Isle Royal ATV club. He won $4060 and his winning ticket number was D-92450.

February 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Earl Romkey, who supported Lake Charlotte ATV Club! The winning ticket number was C-100556 and Earl won $6142.50.

January 2022 - Winner

Congratulations to Gail Veinot from Kings County ATV was this month's 50/50 winner of $4647.50 ticket number C-91844.

December 2021 - Winner

A big congratulations to December's 50/50 winner of $8990, David Borden of Middle Sackville. David buys his 50/50 early and always supports the Beaver Bank ATV Club.

November 2021 - Winner

Congratulations to Bill Wamboldt of Greenwood for winning the November 50/50 draw. Bill's winning ticket for the amount of $4,087.50 was in support of the Central Nova ATV Club. Daivd Whynott, President of the Central Nova ATV Club was on hand to help present the cheque to Bill. Also in the picture is the new 260ft bridge that was just installed across the Lahave River.

October 2021 - Winner

Congrats to Donette Getson who's winning ticket for $3,147.50 was in support of the Central Nova ATV Club.

September 2021 - Winner

Congrats to Jeff Hawes of the Mineville area who won our September 50/50 lotto in support of Sheet Harbour ATV Club. Jeff won $2,815!

August 2021 - Winner

Congratulations once again to Reg Hitchcock of Lower Sackville for winning the ATVANS monthly 50/50. Reg's winning ticket was in support of the Highland ATV club. Reg won $2,910.

July 2021 - Winner

Congratulations to Paul Benoit, who won the ATVANS July 50/50 draw. Paul took home $4,122.50. His winning ticket number in support of the Shore Riders ATV Club was D-93277.

June 2021 - Winner

Congratulations to Reginald Hitchcock of Lower Sackville for winning the ATVANS monthly 50/50 Reginald was supporting Highland ATV club. Reg took home $4185.

May 2021 - Winner

Art Clarke from Barrs Corner was the winner of the May 50/50 prize draw. Art won $6,640 in support of the Central Nova ATV club. Thank you to everyone who bough tickets!

April 2021 - Winner

The 50/50 winner for May was Joseph Boomer from the Kennetcook area, in support of the Fundy ATV Club. Due to COVID restrictions we were not able to present the cheque in person. Joseph received $7,820.

March 2021 - Winner

We were back to Kennetcook to hand over the March 50/50 prize to Micheal Lake and his son and daughter. Congratulation to Micheal and his family on their big win of $8,260.

February 2021 - Winner

We stopped by Brookfield today to present Greg Greenwood with his big win of $10,097.50 in the ATVANS 50/50 lottery for February. Greg is a member of South Colchester ATV club.

January 2021 - Winner

Congratulations to Monica King and her riding group. They are all members of Pictou ATV club and they call their riding group the Soggy Bottom Gang. They received $11,450.

December 2020 - Winner

Congratulations to Laura Highfield from Kennetcook, Hants County. Laura was the big winner of $15,420 in our monthly draw.

November 2020 - Winner

It was an honor to present Susan Boutilier from Sheet Harbour with her grand prize check for $10840.

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