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The ATVANS COVID-19 operational plan has been developed to ensure, employees, ATVANS members/permit holders and other rider’s safety during this pandemic period to the greatest extent possible. The plan considers four aspects of our operation where people come in contact with each other and/or equipment that may result in infection spread. This plan considers current guidance from Public Health and may need to be updated as guidance and conditions evolve.


All face-to-face meetings follow guidance from public health including social distancing measures and numbers of participants. The use of online meeting platforms for all meetings whenever possible, until such time that guidance is lifted. 

Members and guests are encouraged to bring their own food, drink and supplies as required.

Members are to wear proper PPE when meeting, if required, and practice social distancing guidelines as defined by public health including six feet separation.

Hand sanitizing products must be available and used before and after all meetings.

Documents should be shared in advance of all meetings via e-mail and brought to meetings by participants.

No handshakes, hugs or other customary greetings that could result in person to person contact.

A complete list of all participants must be kept for any in-person meeting in the event that contact tracing is required.


Club only fun run events of not more than recommended guidance for outdoor gatherings by public health directives and where social distancing can be achieved between May 30, 2020 and September 1, 2020. Members are required to bring their own food and drink during this period.

The use of warming shelters is strongly discouraged. Only members from the same family or family group in multi seat machines. Riders are encouraged to wear masks where possible and to have and use their own personal supply of hand sanitizer.

Registration for fun runs can be conducted using the ATVANS event registration system and/or club email. Any onsite cueing of participants must have clearly marked separations to support social distancing measures.

Club fun runs shall be for ATVANS members only.

Attendees are required to park in a way that enables social distancing and safe loading and unloading.

Clubs are required to keep a complete list of all participants and volunteers in the event contact tracing is required.

No handshakes, hugs or other customary greetings that could result in person to person contact.

Staggered start times with five to ten minute intervals of groups of not more than 10 machines per group.

Groups or individuals should respect social distancing measures at rest areas.

Personal protective equipment should be worn in areas or during activities like loading and unloading where social distancing is unable to be achieved.

Larger Events:

A full plan will be provided prior to any events taking place.  No large events (50 or more registered entries) prior to September 1, 2020 unless public heath guidance changes.  Clubs considering large events will be required to prepare a COVID-19 safety plan and submit it to the Executive Director 14 days in advance of the event.

Trail Construction and Maintenance COVID-19 plan:

The following is a list of safe work practices clubs should practice to help them move forward with their construction projects and deal with the COVID-19 public heath situation.

Clubs should ask the following questions to all volunteers/employees prior to entering the job site. If they answer ‘yes’ to any, they should be asked to leave the job site immediately.

  • Have you, or anyone in your family, been in contact with a person that has tested positive for COVID-19?
  • Have you, or anyone in your family been in contact with a person that is in the process of being tested for COVID-19?
  • Have you, or anyone in your family traveled outside Canada.
  • Have you been medically directed to self-quarantine due to possible exposure to COVID-19?
  • Are you having trouble breathing or have you had flu-like symptoms within the past 48 hours, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, body aches, chills or fatigue?

If you are exhibiting any one of the symptoms listed above you should not show up at a work site but rather visit https://811.novascotia.ca to determine if you should call 811 for further assessment:

The following criteria must be followed:

  • Instruct volunteers/employees to clean their hands often with an alcohol-based sanitizer that contains at least 60 – 95% alcohol or wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Soap and water should be used preferentially if hands are visibly dirty. Make sure they have adequate access to cleaning facilities;
  • No more than 50 individuals to a group or as directed by Nova Scotia public health directives;
  •  Only those living in the same household or in your family bubble should travel together to the job site;
  • Provide soap and water and/or alcohol-based rubs in the workplace. Ensure adequate supplies are maintained. Place hand rubs in multiple locations or in meeting rooms to encourage hand hygiene;
  • Do not congregate in lunch areas;
  • Do not share tools, if tools need to be shared make sure they are cleaned properly between users;
  • Do not share personal protective equipment (PPE);
  • Sanitize reusable PPE per manufacturer’s recommendation prior to each use;
  • Ensure used PPE is disposed of properly;
  • Utilize disposable gloves where appropriate; instruct workers to wash their hands after removing the gloves;
  • Disinfect reusable supplies and equipment;
  • Do not use common water cooler, individual water bottles must be used;
  • Instruct workers to change work clothes prior to arriving home, and to wash clothes in hot water with laundry sanitizer;
  • Don’t stack trades, if possible;
  • Utilize disposable hand towels and no-touch trash receptacles; and
  • A complete list of all volunteers and paid workers at the event must be kept for contact tracing, if required.

More information can be found here:

Prepared by: Corey Robar Trails Coordinator ATVANS


The Canadian AQCC Safety Institute (CASI)

The hands-on, half-day CASI ATV Rider Course is conducted by licensed CASI Instructors. The course offers students an opportunity to increase their safety knowledge and to practice basic riding skills in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a licensed Instructor.

Training during COVID-19

Course overview

  • 16 lessons, 12 riding ATVs on a controlled course, 4 in classroom;
  • 14 riding lessons are outside on a 200 x 140 riding circuit, full riding gear (helmet, visor, gloves, long sleeve shirt, pants, and boots);
  • Students stay on ATVs while on the riding circuit, with all commands given by hand signals from the instructor and a short verbal at the end of each lesson while staying mounted on ATVs, minimum distance is 8 feet or more at all times;
  • 4 classroom lessons are conducted in a building if an instructor has one or outside with tables/chairs;
  • Lunch is supplied by students on day of course;
  • Class sizes are set by age, 6-11 years old - 4 max., 12-15 years old - 6 max., over 16 years old – 8 max; and
  • There are no shared course materials or equipment during the course.
  •  All youth machines owned by ATVANS shall be sanitized prior to each use and students are not permitted to change or share machines.

Recommendations during COVID-19

  • Distancing during classroom lessons followed by placement of tables/chairs at least 6 feet apart, inside if possible or outside if building size is not sufficient to do so;
  • Lunch is done with same distancing rules and/or in student’s vehicles;
  • Washing with soap and water available, if onsite and if not, then students advised to bring hand sanitizer and a supply also made available by instructor as a backup;
  • Course certificates done in advance and given to students in an envelope or bag at completion of training; and
  • When not operating ATVs a face mask should be worn if students are able to do so.

Provided by:  Mike Marriott/ATVANS Safety Training Advisor

CASI Instructor [Licensed 2008]

Office and Staff:

Employees are advised to follow all public health directives while conducting business on behalf of ATVANS, both in and outside office settings. 

The office shall be closed to the public and only ATVANS business by appointment with social distancing measures in place. 

Contact surfaces are to be cleaned prior to and after any visitor to the office.

Proper hand washing practices and PPE shall be used when required to follow public health guidance.

All staff meetings to be conducted using virtual online meetings.

The planned annual general meeting being held June 13th 2020 will be conducted using a virtual meeting platform in accordance with ministerial directives.

Employees are advised to not ride share while conducting ATVANS business either in your vehicle or on an all-terrain vehicle.

In addition to this plan, all public health directives and guidance are to be followed at all times.  This plan is intended to keep members, volunteers, employees and the public safe during the COVID-19 pandemic period.  This plan may be amended from time to time as new guidance and directives are developed.

Members can find updated public health information on the COVID-19 at the following link. https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/

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