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Sharing the road 

Yesterday was a good day for ATVANS and a good day for the OHV community across Nova Scotia. With a great news announcement of two capital projects that will both facilitate connectivity and allow better access to services topped off with the announcement of a pilot project that will enable side of the road travel in certain and specific areas across Nova Scotia.

It is important to point out that we still have plenty of work ahead of us and lots of communication to help members and other to understand what challenges we still face.

Further details on how the pilot will work are still being determined. We (ATVANS) have a seat at the table and will be providing input into how this pilot project should proceed.  

The Share the road pilot project: The pilot should commence around September and last for 2 years. Nine communities were selected as part of the pilot project.

-- Amherst, Cumberland Co.
-- Milton, Queens Co.
-- Mira Gut, Cape Breton Regional Municipality
-- New Germany, Lunenburg Co.
-- Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality
-- Sherbrooke, Guysborough Co.
-- Ship Harbour, Halifax Regional Municipality
-- Walton, Hants Co.
-- Weymouth, Digby Co.

The pilot will enable government to better understand the value and impact on proceeding in other areas. We have built a strong case for this initiative and we need to continue to provide government with evidence to support our position in both actions and information.  We need to continue to help our elected officials see the value of the pilot project and how an organized responsible OHV community can contribute to the quality of life and economy in Nova Scotia.

It is good to celebrate this victory; however, as others have said we need to remain focused and committed to this worthy cause. Many have contributed to this success and for that I thank you. Information regarding this announcement will be placed on our website in a special section were members and other can easily follow progress and retrieve the latest information. This section will be established in the coming days.

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